Articles Published the Week of 15 April 2019

Today’s National Cartoonists Society: A Conversation with Steve McGarry. For The Comics Journal I spoke with the British cartoonist and former President of the NCS who is one of the people behind NCS Fest in May to talk about the festival, the society, and more.

Paul Constant’s Planet of the Nerds. I’ve been reading Constant for years but now the journalist has written the new comics miniseries from Ahoy about a group of jocks form the 1980’s who wake up today - and are horrified by what they find.

Omaha Perez: The Drude 2. I’ve talked with Perez a few times over the years and we spoke about his new graphic novel which he wrote, which besides having one of the most startling covers of any comic this year it’s a fabulous and strange magical ride.

Articls Published the Week of 8 April 2019

J.P. Ahonen: Belzebubs. I’ve been a long time reader of Ahonen’s comic strip Belzebubs. Even though I’m not a heavy metal fan it’s funny and relatable and hilarious for so many reasons. In between his making an album, creating music videos, and promoting the book across Europe, he was kind enough to answer a few questions from me.

Alex Segura Talks Archie, Writing Mysteries and His Editing Philosophy. I’ve known Segura professionally for years but we’ve never sat down for an interview. This year is a significant one for him as an editor and a writer and so we sat down to talk about different projects.

Dean Haspiel Talks Starcross. Starcross is the third volume of The Red Hook saga, which Haspiel has writing and drawing in recent years. We spoke about his New Brooklyn universe, planning out what’s next for the character, and more.

Articles Published the Week of 1 April 2019

Diana Chu Talks Ley Lines and More. Chu received a Gold Medal by the Society of Illustrators at last year’s MoCCA Festival and is behind the next issue of the anthology Ley Lines about Patti Smith, music and more.

“I Have a Very Busy Spring”: An Interview with Sara Elfgren. The Swedish writer is a prolific novelist, audio drama writer, playwright, VR game designer, and comics writer. I spoke with her about Vei: Volume 1, which was just released in the U.S., the second volume which comes out this spring in Sweden, opera, and more.

Q&A with Joseph Galluccio. The Senior Art Director at LEGO talks about his first comic, Space is Cold: Escape Velocity, his longtime obsession with space, telling stories for children, and more.

Navigating By the Right Stars: A Conversation with Briallen Hopper. One of my favorite books so far this year has been Hard To Love: Essays and Confessions and I had the opportunity to talk with its author about the single life, love, friendship, and how writing the book created its ending.

Articles Published the Week of 25 March 2019

In Conversation with Tom Sleigh. Late last year I spoke with the poet and essayist about his two new books, one a collection of poetry and the other a collection of essays, some personal, others reported from conflict zones, and we spoke about writing, the Middle East, and lizards.

Chris Schweizer: Fix a Car. The cartoonist behind The Crogan Adventures, The Creeps and pother projects talks about his new graphic novel, Fix a Car, which is part narrative, part instruction manual.

Q&A with Alex Law. A great cartoonist who’s been putting out webcomics and minicomics for years tackling issues of sex and gender that are cute and funny and thoughtful. They’re also responsible for some great recent comics which went viral breaking down tropes around female heroines and villains and we spoke about all this work and trying to find an online home post-tumblr.