Articles Published the Week of 25 March 2019

In Conversation with Tom Sleigh. Late last year I spoke with the poet and essayist about his two new books, one a collection of poetry and the other a collection of essays, some personal, others reported from conflict zones, and we spoke about writing, the Middle East, and lizards.

Chris Schweizer: Fix a Car. The cartoonist behind The Crogan Adventures, The Creeps and pother projects talks about his new graphic novel, Fix a Car, which is part narrative, part instruction manual.

Q&A with Alex Law. A great cartoonist who’s been putting out webcomics and minicomics for years tackling issues of sex and gender that are cute and funny and thoughtful. They’re also responsible for some great recent comics which went viral breaking down tropes around female heroines and villains and we spoke about all this work and trying to find an online home post-tumblr.