Nonfiction Books

  • Voices of a Living Tradition: Conversations with Comics Creators from the Golden and Silver Ages. A collection of interviews with creators including Joe Simon, Jerry Robinson, Joe Kubert, Neal Adams and others. PDF

Book Chapters, Forwards, Introductions

  • “Introduction.” Sam Glanzman’s Midway. Ed. Drew Ford. 2019

  • “In Depth with Mort Walker.” Talking Mort Walker: A Life in Comics. Ed. Jason Whiton. 2018

  • “Kuper and Tobocman Celebrate WW3 Illustrated.” Peter Kuper: Conversations. Ed. Kent Worcester. 2016

  • “William Gibson: The Father of Cyberpunk.” Conversations with William Gibson. Ed. Patrick A. Smith. 2014

  • “Nick Cardy Talks About The Artist at War.” Nick Cardy: The Artist at War. Ed. Renée Witterstaetter. 2011, 2013