Articles Published the Week of 6 May 2019

Ben Nadler on The White Snake. I spoke with the cartoonist about his first book, an adaptation of a Grimm’s fairy tale, working with editors Françoise Mouly and Ben Karasik, writing, and related topics.

Maggie Umber Talks about the 2d Cloud Kickster and Her Book in Progress. I’ve interviewed Umber in the past and we spoke about 2d Cloud’s recent setbacks, their 2019 catalog, owls, and much more.

Articles Published the Week of 4 March 2019

Kwanza Osajyefo Q&A. Osajyefo has been doing incredible work in comics in recent years writing Black and other stories in the same universe. Now he’s launched a kickstarter for the direct sequel to Black, White. The second volume of a planned trilogy, we spoke recently about the new project, and his ambitions.

A Conversation with Cathy G. Johnson. I’ve long read and admired Johnson’s comics and we spoke recently about her new book, The Breakaways. Her first book for younger readers, it’s a great story of a middle school girls soccer team that manages to balance a large cast with different stories. We talked about the book, podcasting and teaching.