Articles Published the Week of 20 May 2019

Brian Azzarello and Sierra Hahn Talk Faithless. The writer and editor behind the new miniseries from Boom talked to me about the book - or at times, refused to talk with me about the book - a magical, erotic story that

“You Could Stand Up a Little Taller”: An Interview with Paige Braddock. Paige Braddock is best know among comics people for her long running comic strip Jane’s World, which she ended last year. She’s written and drawn other comics, and she also has one of the coolest and most intimidating day jobs in the world - Chief Creative Officer of Charles M. Schulz Associates - where she oversees the Peanuts empire. We spoke about her life and career.

Rory Frances and Jae Bearhat’s Little Teeth. One of the most striking comics to come out so far this year, the book tells the story of a group of queer friends and acquaintances living in an unnamed city. It’s thoughtful and funny, made me laugh out loud and made me cringe with recognition. Quite simply a brilliant work by young creators who will hopefully go on to make more amazing work.