Articles Published the Week of 27 May 2019

Q&A with Marguerite Dabaie. I spoke with the fabulously talented cartoonist of The Hookah Girl and Other True Stories, the comic strip Ali’s House, and the upcoming A Voyage to Panjikant about her work and approach, design and color, and Pete’s Mini Zine Fest, which she co-founded, which is coming up again in July.

“It’s Our Time”: Cave Canem’s Founder on the Power of Poetry. At The Millions I spoke with the award-winning poet and memoirist Toi Derricotte about her new book, I: New and Selected Poems, spirituality, personal history, co-founding Cave Canem and what it meant to her, and changing the world with poetry.

Kelsey Wroten’s Cannonball. One of the big comics debuts so far this year was Kelsey Wroten’s Cannonball. The cartoonist and illustrator has already made a splash with her short comics and work for various magazines, but her first book is a thoughtful and nuanced character portrait with a climax that isn’t centered around the text but rather around the artwork in a really interesting way.