What Would Have Been Wednesday's Blog Post

I spent a lot of time writing a piece to post today and it was mostly finished, but then I spent many hours researching the Georgia and Ohio abortion bans. Reading the bills in detail, they are aggressively ignorant with regards to science and the people behind them hate women so much. It’s vile and disgusting. I can only imagine what it would mean for a woman who miscarried to have to answer questions to prove what really happened. Or the women who have ectopic pregnancies who now have to deal with lawmakers who honestly have no idea what that is or how it’s treated.

I just don’t have the words. These angry ignorant people want to inflict pain on others all in the name of religion. This is the inquisition. And the only solution is to fight as hard as we can as long as we can. It’s as simple as that. They want to kill us. All we can do is resist. Days like this, it’s as simple and as complicated as that.