Articles Published the Week of 29 April 2019

“What’s Next, Walmart?”: An Interview with Mary Fleener. For The Comics Journal I spoke with the cartoonist and artist Mary Fleener who has had a long artistic career in and out of comics about her new book - and first graphic novel - Billie the Bee, and her long career.

Otava Heikkila on Letters for Lucardo. The Finnish writer and artist Heikkila spoke with me about his new book, Letters for Lucardo: Fortunate Beasts, the second graphic novel of his series about the romance between a young vampire and an older mortal man.

Q&A with Darryl Ayo. I’ve known the cartoonist Ayo for years, encountering each other at events and interacting online, but we never sat down for a long interview to talk about his own work and how he thinks about comics, Little Garden, and what he’s thinking about doing next.