Articles Published the Week of 18 March 2019

“If You Worry About It, It’ll Never Come”: An Interview with Jim Scancarelli. For The Comics Journal, I talked to the award-winning fiddle player and cartoonist Scancarelli, who’s been working on the comic strip Gasoline Alley for 40 years this year, and the strip marked 100 years last year. We spoke about his work and career, and the strip, which is one of the greatest comics ever made.

Q&A with Spike Trotman and MK Reed. The new comic book series Delver, which is out from ComiXology Originals. The epic fantasy story tackles some of he questions that are raised but never answered by fantasy series - which makes it my kind of fantasy tale. I spoke with the writers about the book.

A Conversation with Falynn Koch. I’m always interested in nonfiction comics and as an amateur baker, I had to read the new instructional graphic novel that isn’t simply recipes but gets into the science behind baking.