Articles Published the Week of 25 February 2019

Kel McDonald Is Kickstarting The Dead Deception

I’ve been reading Kel McDonald’s comics for years, but we’ve never spoken before. She’s currently running a kickstarter for her new book and she took time out to talk about this book and her approach to fantasy stories, which I love.

Talking with Liz Suburbia about Egg Cream

I talked with Liz years back when Fantagraphics published Sacred Heart, her incredibly punk tale of teenagers left alone in a small town after all the adults leave. Now she’s returned to that world, picking up some of the characters a decade later. That’s the lead feature in her new annual comic Egg Cream, the first issue of which was just released and we talked about the story and her work.

“I’m Ninety and Sometimes When I Think About It I Get Worried”: An Interview with Joe Giella

Over the years I’ve spoken with a lot of older cartoonists and late last year I sat down with 90 year old Joe Giella about his long career which started as a teenager, included a stint working for C.C. Beck, decades at DC Comics, drawing multiple comic strips, and working with almost everyone on just about every character and genre imaginable, from which he retired at the age of 88. There was a contented sigh when he talked about life with no deadlines, which I don’t think anyone could begrudge him