Articles Published the Week of October 29th

"Whatever Came to Mind": An Interview with Katherine Collins, Part One

I never read Neil the Horse until this year, when Conundrum Press published a collection of the comic from the 1970s and 1980's, but it is brilliant. I had the chance to sit down with Katherine for a long conversation which is going to run in two parts. We talked about the comic and her art, working in radio, musicals, transitioning, and so much more.

Molly Ostertag on The Witch Boy

At a young age, Ostertag has already put together an impressive body of work. She's the artist of the webcomic Strong Female Protagonist, the artist of Shattered Warrior, a graphic novel that was published earlier this year, has a day job working in animation, and Scholastic has just published her debut book as a writer-artist, The Witch Boy. A great middle grade volume about magic, gender, expectations, parents and more

Gareth Hinds Talks Poe

Hinds has had a fascinating career in comics of adapting classical literature into graphic novels. Some of them like The Odyssey and MacBeth are especially striking and interesting retellings and I was curious what he would do with Poe. As we discussed there are a lot of challenges in adapting Poe - who is the most modern writer of all he's worked on - and we talked about the choices he made and how he worked. An appropriate piece for All Hallow's Eve.

"After I Failed to Die": An Interview with Katherine Collins, Part Two

The second part of my lengthy interview with the great Katherine Collins. I do a lot of interviews and I really talking with artists about how they work. I think a lot of them like that because they don't often get asked and I rarely ask questions like, how autobiographical is this. And I know a lot of people don't like talking about themselves for one reason or another. I'm one of those people, so I certainly understand. But sometimes I have a long conversation with someone and they open up, as Katherine did here, and it is as touching and meaningful in an interview as it is in real life.

Lee Francis on The Indigenous Comic-Con and More

Lee Francis IV is the CEO and Publisher of Native Realities Publishing and the man behind The Indigenous Comic-Con, which is next weekend in Albuquerque. I caught up with him to talk about the many books he publishes, the upcoming book he's writing, trying to change pop culture, and starting a bookstore which is more than just a place to sell books. Francis is trying to build community in different ways and I love a lot of the work he's putting out. If I was near New Mexico, I'd be at the show next weekend.

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