Articles Published the Week of November 5th

The Story Is Never the Whole Story: The Millions Interviews Daniel Mendelsohn

I've been reading Daniel Mendelsohn for years and was thrilled that I had the chance to talk with him about his new book An Odyssey. The book is about his father, it's about teaching Homer, about time and loss and memory and identity and how much we can know people, about how we remember. There's so much in our conversation that has stayed with me. Of course we also managed to have a conversation that encompasses Homer, Spider-Man, Julie Taymor, and Proust - but this is one of the things I love about Mendelsohn. You never know he's going to write about next and you may not agree with him, but he is interested in everything.


Roger Langridge on The Iron Duchess

Langridge is one of those cartoonists who is immensely talented and brilliantly idiosyncratic that I will check out anything he writes or draws. I've loved his Muppet Show and The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow, but his work like Snarked, Abigail and the Snowman, The Baker Street Peculiars and others are just brilliant. I only wish they got as much attention as some of the licensed projects he works on. My favorite character of his is Fred the Clown who is back in a new book The Iron Ducchess. It's very inspired by Buster Keaton, has one line of dialogue in the whole book, and is strange, madcap, and brilliantly funny.


Nilah Macgruder on M.F.K.

I've loved the webcomic M.F.K. for a long time and I'm thrilled that there's finally a print collection. Well, a print collection of the first part. Macgruder is immensely talented and working on a number of projects including animation, illustration, drawing comics written by others and more. I sked her a few questions about this new collection of the webcomic.


Joseph Remnant on Cartoon Clouds

I first met Remnant years ago when he was one of the artists on The Pekar Project. His first book was Cleveland, written by Pekar and published after his death and it was an amazing piece of work. He's made short comics, but Cartoon Clouds is his first book as writer and artist and we spoke about work and life, and the process of making the book.


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