Articles Published the Week of October 8th

Stephanie Graegin on Super Manny Stands Up!

I think Stephanie Graegin is one of the best young picture book artists around right now, and I think her book Super Manny Stands Up! which she drew is a very timely story of standing up for what it is right. It is also, as I said, one of the best and most important superhero stories of the year. This is just the tip of the iceberg - literally, she works incredibly fast and has many books out this year. We talked a little about how she works.

Teva Harrison on In-Between Days

In her book, Teva Harrison writes and draws about one of the worst things that can happen - being told you have terminal cancer - and what she did was make art about that experience. About trying to find a new way to life, about a new way to make art, about how to live in the in-between days. It is haunting and beautiful and terrifying and inspirational.

Michel Fiffe on Zegas

Before he began Copra, Michel Fiffe was making - and self-publishing - the series Zegas. The story of two siblings who live in a strange city, the book consists of small very ordinary stories that can veer towards the strange and surreal. This may sound like science fiction but they come off more as strange, unexpected, the way a city, a new city especially, can be a radically different environment.

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