Articles Published the Week of October 15th

An Interview with Kevin Pyle

I've talked to Kevin Pyle a few times over the years, usually over the books he's made for young adults, but this time we took time out to focus on his activist work. He's been contributing to World War 3 Illustrated for more than two decades and earlier this year he helped make Migrant, which is a really interesting comic for a lot of reasons and we spoke about his work.

Liniers on Good Night, Planet

I love Liniers. The Argentinian cartoonist has a daily strip Macanudo, and makes children's books and other projects on the side. His new children's book just came out - in English and Spanish language editions - and another collection of his comic strip is out in the spring. We talked about living in Vermont, loving New York, and more.

Andrew White and Madeleine Witt on Warmer

I think Warmer is one of the best anthologies of the season. A collection of short comics that take on the question of climate change in some really interesting ways with a number of really great creators. I've read Witt and White in the past and glad to talk with them about the project and their work.

Elizabeth LaPensée on Deer Woman: An Anthology

I loved Elizabeth LaPensée's comic Deer Woman, and she's been making comics and games for years now, some of which is truly breathtaking. She's an academic as well, editing an anthology of Deer Woman stories and working on a few more projects, including adapting a Louise Erdrich piece to comics.

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