Articles Published the Week of September 24th

What Appears to be Fiction: A Conversation with Nicole Krauss

I've been reading Nicole Krauss for years and so when I was asked to interview her about her new novel I jumped at the chance. Forest Dark is I think her best book yet and we talked about Franz Kafka and multiple lives, in the centrality of storytelling to our lives, and about the desert. I still don't entirely believe I'm the first interviewer to ask about her relationship with the desert

Jennifer and Matthew Holm on Swing It, Sunny

The brother-sister pair have collaborated on a few dozen books, but they tried to tell a different kind of story a few years ago with Sunny Side Up, a story loosely based on some events from their own childhoods. The character is back in a new book from Scholastic's Graphic imprint.

Gale Galligan takes on The Baby-Sitters Club

I talked The Baby-Sitters Club and Garfield with cartoonist Gale Galligan. She's taken over adapting and drawing the books for Scholastic. Raina Telgemeier did four books before going onto make Smile and Drama and Ghosts and becoming Raina, so Gale has big shoes to fill but does a really impressive job with her first full length book.

Janice Macleod on A Paris Year

Janice Macleod's Paris letters are a great idea and her memoir about how they came about - or as I called it, a step by step guide to quitting one's job and becoming a flaneur in Paris - is also great. Her new book is A Paris Year and I think of it first and foremost as an artist's book but it's also just a great tribute to the city that she - and so many of us - love. We talked about art and language - and how across Europe men hear her last name and make a Highlander joke.

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