Articles Published the Week of September 10th

M.T. Anderson on Yvain: The Knight of the Lion

One of the great YA novelists, this year M.T. Anderson was written his first graphic novel, an adaptation of the classic 12th century epic poem by Chr├ętien de Troyes. We talked about comics, Arthurian legends, and more.

Glynnis Fawkes on Greek Diary and more

I met Glynnis years ago at SPX and she gave me some of the work she had been doing and over the past two years it's been great to see her career take off. She's a regular contributor to Mutha, has appeared in The New Yorker website, won awards for her books Alle Ego and Greek Diary, and so we spoke about her background and her work and working on archeological digs.

Andrea Offermann on Yvain: The Knight of the Lion

I interviewed Andrea Offermann a decade ago when she had a story in Flight, which just an amazing work, and I was thrilled that this year we had to chance to speak again. She's been illustrating children's books and painting, and this year Yvain is her first graphic novel, and it's a beautiful inventive work. A decade ago it was clear she was an immense talent, and the book makes that clear for all.

And Now...Eric Reynolds

Eric Reynolds, the associate producer at Fantagraphics, has a new project, a three times a year anthology called Now. The first issue is out this weekend at SPX and features work by Eleanor Davis, Noah Van Sciver, Gabrielle Bell, Sammy Harkham, Dash Shaw, and more, and we talked about what it is and his thinking about the project.

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