Articles Published the Week of September 3rd

An Interview with Dante Luiz and H. Pueyo

Two incredibly talented South American artists. They've been making short comics and stories for a few different anthologies out this year and next and we talked about their work and various projects including Gothic Tales of Haunted Love. They've been making some great short work and hoping they'll assemble a collection or start work on something longer soon.

An Interview with Hope Nicholson

Hope Nicholson is one of those behind the scenes dynamos that keep comics running. The writer-editor-publisher is currently kickstarting an anthology, just published her first nonfiction book, and has edited a number of other books out this year and is publishing a few more and I asked a few questions about things.

An Interview with Joe Corallo and Molly Jackson on their Planned Parenthood benefit anthology

Joe Corallo and Molly Jackson work together at and the two have launched Mine!, an anthology to benefit Planned Parenthood, one of the most important health care providers in the United States. We talked about assembling an all-star group of contributors and putting this kickstarter together.

An Interview with Chris Grine on Time Shifters

Chris Grine's Chickenhare books were entertaining when I read them a few years back but his recent graphic novel Time Shifters was a leap forward in terms of art and storytelling. It's wacky and fun and also very emotional and at the heart of the book is grief and dealing with trauma. So we spoke about craziness and death in our lives.

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