Articles Published the Week of August 27th

Mark Evanier Celebrates the Legacy of Kirby: King of Comics

I love talking with Mark Evanier because besides being an immensely creative guy who is always working on a lot of projects, he also has a lot of stories. Many years ago he was Jack Kirby's assistant and we talked about the new updated edition of his book Kirby: King of Comics, the full-length biography of Kirby he's working on, and his memories of the man.

Kirby Q&A: Tom Scioli

Tom Scioli has long been described as having a Kirby-influenced style and so we took advantage of Kiby week to talk with him about reading Kirby and how the work influenced him.

Kirby Q&A: Mike Allred

Mike Allred is currently drawing two Kirby creations - Silver Silver at Marvel and Bug! at DC - and even though he was busy, he took time out to talk a little about his love of Kirby and his characters.

Kirby Q&A: Ed Piskor

The fourth and final Kirby week article, this time with Ed Piskor, the man behind Hip Hop Family Tree and Marvel's upcoming X-Men: Grand Design talks about Kirby

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