Articles Published the Week of July 30th

Maggie Umber on Sound of Snow Falling
The second book by one of the best young cartoonists right now, Umber's book is a wordless tale of a pair of great horned owls and we spoke about the book and her work.

An Interview with José Muñoz

One of the living legends of the comics world, I spoke with the Argentinian artist about his career and work

Patricia Smith Wants You To Hear Every Gunshot: The Millions Interview

I've been a reader of Patricia Smith for over two decades and her new book, Incendiary Art, is her best yet. It's also a departure and we spoke about why and what it's meant for her and how she works.

Bernie Mireault on XVI

One of the influential figures in North American comics in recent decades, Bernie Mireault doesn't get nearly enough credit or attention. We spoke about his new collection of short comics and what he's working on next.

Erin Nations Explores Phone Anxiety and Gender Identity in Gumballs

Nations's quarterly series Gumballs is a collection of short comics and illustrations from fiction to nonfiction, continuing stories and short pieces, and we spoke about the series.

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