Articles Published the Week of August 6th

Kim Newman on Anno Dracula 1895: Seven Days in Mayhem

In some ways I feel this is my geekiest interview in a while. I'm a fan of Newman and his novels and have been for a long time. Was thrilled that I had the chance to connect with him this year and talk about Anno Dracula and his work and his approach to fiction, which has become much more mainstream and widely accepted. I'm also a big fan of the Anno Dracula comic series and can't wait to see what's next.


Joe Haldeman and Marvano on The Forever War

I was a science fiction geek and so I read plenty of Joe Haldeman. It was a brief interview but this is one of those interviews where I get to check off talking with one of the people who was a big influence on me when I was young. Marvano I admittedly don't know as well but is an amazing Belgian artist, who I really need to read more of, and someone who should be much better known here in the US. We spoke about their first collaboration, adapting Haldeman's classic novel The Forever War to comics, and related topics.


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