Articles Published the Week of August 20th

Keith Knight Talks Politics, Satire, and his Very Busy Schedule

I've long been a reader of Keith Knight ever since The K Chronicles was on Salon back in the day and I spoke with him about his three comic strips - a daily, a weekly, and a weekly single panel - in addition to his graphic novel and the kids book he illustrated that was just released. We also spoke about his recent move to North Carolina, politics and political cartooning in the age of Trump, and related topics.

Guy Delisle on Hostage

I love Guy Delisle's work and his recent book Hostage is a very different kind of book for him. It's not a book about him, not a travelogue, not a funny book about parenting, but instead the true story of Christophe Andre, who was held hostage in Chechnya for 111 days. The result is a book that perhaps Delisle's best. It is a masterful and suspenseful and difficult book and I was glad that he sat down to talk with me about the project.

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