Articles Published the Week of June 25th

Mark Fertig on Take that, Adolf!

On the one hand, a book full of superheroes punching Adolf Hitler and going after Nazis sound like something fun and enjoyable for all ages. And it is. But Mark Fertig's book is something more because he's also writing about how the comics industry was forever transformed by World War II, by what that meant, looks at the many racist and sexist portrayals that were so common then, and how to read them now. An excellent art book featuring covers by some great Golden Age artists, and a great look at the history of comics.

Vanessa Davis on Spaniel Rage, Then and Now

I love Vanessa Davis, and spoke with her about the new edition of her first book Spaniel Rage, which Drawn and Quarterly brought back into print. I never read the book when it first came out, and did so only after her second book was published a few years back, so we talked about The Paris Review and the practice of art, living in Los Angeles vs New York, and thinking bout comics and art and time and life.

Eleanor Davis on You & A Bike & A Road

Last year Eleanor Davis decided to buy a bike in Arizona, where her parents live, and bike home to Georgia. For part of the trip she kept a comics diary using the paper and pen she had with her, and then afterwards drew more about the people and places and scenery she passed. We spoke about depression and art, about traveling solo and traveling on this scale. We also spoke about politics and agitprop. 

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