Articles Published the Week of July 9th

An interview with Keiler Roberts on Sunburning

I'm a huge fan of Keiler Roberts, who I think is making some of the best autobiographical comics around right now. I spoke with her about her new book Sunburning and her work more generally including depicting her daughter, how unsparing she is towards herself,

Vito Delsante's exit interview of The Purple Heart

The Purple Heart has been running as a free webcomic on LINE Webtoon, as part of the The New Brooklyn project that Dean Haspiel created and is the third series after The Red Hook and The Brooklynite, with a fourth - War Cry - on the way this fall. I talked with writer Vito Delsante about the project, which wrapped up this week.

Noah Van Sciver Brings Humor to Failure in Fante Bukowski Two

Noah Van Sciver's new book is a sequel to his earlier book Fante Bukowski, about a horrible writer with delusions of grandeur. The new book continues his story and it is funny and strange and it's a lot of fun. We spoke about the crazed main character, cringe-worthy humor, and Columbus, Ohio.

Ahead Of Its Time, The John Larroquette Show was Brilliant

Some people learn about Thomas Pynchon in school, others on the street, but I learned about him from Don Reo and John Larroquette. Kidding aside, I wrote about the first season of The John Larroquette Show, which came out back when I was in middle school and was a big influence on me. This was a show that talked about Beckett and Kafka, referenced Miles Davis and Edward Hopper, and had an episode that centered around Pynchon. It was dark and moody and complicated and brilliant.

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