Articles Published the Week of July 2nd

Color is a Language in Itself: Mahtem Shiferraw discusses Fuschia

This month The Rumpus is running a long series of articles re-claiming the idea of patriotism, and as part of that, they ran an interview I did with Mahtem Shiferraw, an amazing young poet whose first book Fuschia was published last year.

An interview with Sophie Yanow

Sophie Yanow's first book War of Streets and Houses made a splash and since then she's been making nonfiction comicsand teaching and she translated Dominique Goblet's graphic novel Pretending is Lying, which was published in the US this year from NYRC. We spoke about this career model, translation, life in Vermont, and about the new collection of her short work from Retrofit.

An interview with Elizabeth Beier

Right now on kickstarter, Northwest Press is running a campaign to collect Elizabeth Beier's comics into The Big Book of Bisexual Trials and Errors. I've been a fan of her work since I came across it a few years back and we spoke about her work, about the value of personal narratives, and finding community while finding oneself.

James Tynion IV's Eugenic Triggers an Apocalypse

James Tynion IV has become a well known comics writer for his work on Batman and other DC Comics, but his most interesting work has been at Boom! where he's written a number of stories about the apocalypse from different angles. His new book is Eugenic, and we spoke about the book, body horror, technology and fear of death.

Mouly and Spiegelman Grab Back with a second, angrier issue of Resist!

Maybe you read RESIST at one of the protests back in January the day after the election. It was a free comics newspaper created for the event that was planned as a one time project, but now editors Fran├žoise Mouly and Nadja Spiegelman have returned with a second free issue to mark the 4th of July. We spoke about the project, why this one time event has continued, and what changed this time around. "Grab back!"

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