Articles Published the Week of July 23rd

Cory Thomas on Watch Your Head and more

Like a lot of people I read Cory Thomas' comics essay in fusion late last year, The Weirdness of Being Black in White Spaces After the Election. He did a great job of capturing the moment and what a lot of people were feeling, and his ability to capture complex moments might not be surprising to people who know Watch Your Head, his comic strip turned webcomic. We spoke about that, his book with James Patterson and other topics.

Rosanna Bruno on The Slanted Life of Emily Dickinson

I'm a huge Emily Dickinson fan (who isn't?) and I really enjoyed Rosanna Bruno's playful look at the poet, her work, and the myths around her in the book The Slanted Life of Emily Dickinson and so we had a fun chat about poetry and art and painting and color, how much did she worry that people who didn't know Dickinson wouldn't get the humor, and is she afraid of being attacked by a crazed academic?

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