Lynda Barry in The Family Circus

Last weekend at the National Cartoonists Society held the 71st annual Reuben Awards in Portland, Oregon. Lynda Barry was given the Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award. It's chosen by a unanimous vote of the society board and it places her in good company - Charles Schulz, Jules Feiffer, Sandra Boynton, Frank Frazetta, Jack Davis, Ralph Steadman.

(I know, it's eclectic company, but if you hang around cartoonists long enough, you'll see they'll pretty eclectic people)

But I think it's worth noting that while she may have been given that award by her peers in a black tie event, an award presented by her longtime friend Matt Groening, it's not the biggest honor she received last weekend. You see, she appeared in The Family Circus:

The Family Circus is a comic strip that people like to laugh at and be snarky towards, but Lynda Barry has spoken very eloquently about how much the strip meant to her as a child. How it was this stable, happy world where parents loved their children and it was so unlike her world as a child.

The strip was created by Bill Keane and it's now written and drawn by his son Jeff - who was the original inspiration for Jeffy in the strip. So in the strip, Jeffy is bringing Lynda home and making his friend part of the family. And there's something so very touching and sweet and meaningful and loving about that. Because Jeff Keane knows what this means.

Lynda Barry commented on this the other day on her tumblr page:

"Know this: Love is ALWAYS cool."

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  1. thanks for describing all the important events happened! I'm sure it has gathered a lot of fans and followers of art! thanks for posting!