Articles Published The Week of June 4th

Y; The Last Man Artist Pia Guerra Talks Trump, Politics and Editorial Cartooning

Lately Pia Guerra, the penciller and co-creator of the acclaimed Y: The Last Man has been working as a political cartoonist. Weekly on The Nib and more frequently on her own site she's been taking aim at the current administration and American politics. We spoke recently about her work, politics, and the very different mindset required compared to drawing Black Canary.

Mike Norton Takes on Trump, Guests on Astro City

Mike Norton is at an interesting career crossroads. He's finished a number of longform projects and he announced that he wants a different career going forward. So he's writing and drawing a Battlepug comic, he's collaborating with Sean McKeever on a project that isn't out yet (and doesn't have a publisher - HINT HINT), and he launched a webcomic Lil' Donnie, to work out some of frustration about the state of the country. He's also drawing an upcoming issue of Astro City so we talked about politics, frustration, art, and more.

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