Only You Can Stop Celebrity Prom Proposal Videos!

What the hell is wrong with kids today?

Okay now that I sound like an old man, let me start by admitting that I never went to prom. I'm sure that in the mind of someone, that will color my ability to comment on this.

What the hell is wrong with people inviting celebrities to prom via videos they post online? Because no one sane or well-raised would do such a thing. It's a rude, narcissistic act that needs to stop.

A few points:

One, if you want to go to prom, ask a friend.

Two, you want to f*** a celebrity? Good for you. You think that makes you unique? It doesn't. No one should care.

Three, you want to ask out a total stranger? That's creepy. No one wants to date a total stranger! If you're all I don't know anything about you and we've never talked before but I think you're hot, wanna go out? Because that is what you're asking. It's weird, it's creepy.

Four, you're asking someone older to prom. Hard no. Seriously, what adult wants to go to prom with an underage kid? (Answer: an adult you don't want to be around)

Five, get some ****ing manners. Were you raised by wolves? Demanding a stranger's time and attention like this? You're showing no class and no respect for others and demanding that they respond to you. It's rude and manipulative.

Six, Some people have called this sexual harassment. Not sure I'd go that far, but I do understand it.

Seven, I also blame the media for covering it. This is what happens when we have fifty million channels filling hour after hour every day. they cover a lot of nonsense that they really should not be covering simply to avoid having dead air. They should just say no.

Eight, I'm sure people will go, oh women do this to guys. Yes, they do. It's obnoxious and inappropriate then, as well.

Nine, I still don't get prom. I blame the media and this idea that prom is wonderful and special and blah blah blah.

Ten, just because it still needs to be said - even if a person isn't a celebrity, they don't owe you a yes, and even if they say yes, they don't you owe you anything. I say it because clearly it's not a widely enough held belief.

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