Articles Published the Week of March 26th

Marty Two Bulls, Sr. speaks out on DAPL and the role of journalism in an unstable time

Marty Two Bulls, Sr. is a great artist and cartoonist. He was the finalist for the Herblock Prize in large part for his comics and commentary about the DAPL protests. We spoke about his life and career, writing for a Native audience, and the role of journalism.

Jay Chandrasekhar on the Rhythm of Comedy

At Splitsider I talked with director-writer-actor-standup Jay Chandrasekhar, who remains best known as one of the comedy troupe Broken Lizard and the films he's directed like Super Troopers. He just wrote a memoir which is funny and weird and talks about growing up Indian-American in the Midwest, comedy, life in Hollywood, and more.

Corinne Lee on Finding an antidote to America's Toxicity

I hadn't heard of Corinne Lee before Penguin Poets published her book Plenty last year. Her second book, this is a book length project that looks at America and the environment, picks up on the ideas in Whitman's Leaves of Grass and continues them to the present, looking at the takeover of Hawaii, about ecological destruction, about what it means to love America when America is literally poisonous. It is a lyrical and haunting book.

Colleen Coover Revisits "Girly Porno" Comic Small Favors with New Collection

I've spoken with Colleen Coover in the past and this time we spoke about the new collection of her first comics project, Small Favors, which is being collected in a new definitive collection. We spoke about starting out as an artist, about pornography, and the challenges of making comics that are fun. 

Bringing Dick Tracy and The Spirit Together For The First Time

Mike Curtis and Joe Staton took over the Dick Tracy comic strip a few years ago and ever since they've been utilizing characters from other comic strips which are no longer around and making it a space where Little Orphan Annie and Daddy Warbucks and characters from Terry and the Pirates and others will pop up. This year to mark the Will Eisner centennial, they have The Spirit guest starring in a long story arc finishing this month. We spoke about Eisner, The Spirit and the strip.

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