Articles Published the Week of April 23rd

My Favorite Thing is Monsters' Author Talks 2017's Buzziest Graphic Novel

Emil Ferris' debut graphic novel My Favorite Thing Is Monsters is not just one of the best graphic novels of the year, it's one of the best books of the year and should go on the long list of the great all-time graphic novels. I had a great, lengthy conversation with Emil, which I think shows in the text, and I'm so proud to present this interview.

1942's Woman of the Year Remains a Contemporary Romantic Comedy, But Not Necessarily for Good Reasons

I have long loved Katherine Hepburn. The characters she played in films like Bringing Up Baby, Holiday, the Philadelphia Story and others are some of the funniest I know – and my love of screwball comedy has likely played a role in shaping my idea of what a perfect mate should be. When it comes to Woman of the Year, the 1942 comedy she starred in with Spencer Tracy - the film where they met, and their legendary love affair began - is one I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand it is a more mature and subtler comedy than the earlier screwball films I mentioned, and there are many elements and moments I loved. But it remains troubling contemporary in some ways. The film is just out from Criterion and Splitsider let me talk about the film.

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