For International Womens Day (The Comics Edition)

It's International Women's Day, and right now I'm in a cleaning/organizing phase and so I wanted to say something about the state of comics. Namely, the greatness of the artform that is comics is due to the presence of women. They didn't start making two years ago and ruining old fanboys' fun with their cosplay and readers of many ages. They've been making comics for decades. They've been making great comics. So I pulled a few names from my interview files and people will read this and go, well, I don't like person X or person Y. Which is fine. But comics without this list of people would be poorer, less intelligent, less interesting, less fun, less inventive.

This is the greatest time in comics ever with more talent, more great work than ever before. Women make up a massive chunk (if not the majority) of those creators. To say nothing of how much of the audience they make up. We're at the point now where not believing this means that you either hate women or you're an idiot.

So these are a few of the people that I've interviewed over the years. Not everyone on this list is still with us, sadly. Some people I've become friends with. Some people didn't seem to like me very much when I talked to them. Some of them are to my mind among the greatest, most creative people alive today. 

Jessica Abel
Zeina Abirached
Nancy Ahn
Meg-John Barker
Kate Beaton
Alison Bechdel
Gabrielle Bell
Lucy Bellwood
Paige Braddock
MK Brown
Nina Bunjevac
Peggy Burns
Nancy Burton
Sophie Campbell
Jennifer Camper
Emma Capps
Lilli Carre
Emily Carroll
Genevieve Castree
Roz Chast
Becky Cloonan
Chynna Clugston
Colleen Coover
Leela Corman
Danielle Corsetto
Molly Crabapple
Camilla D'Errico
Dame Darcy
Anya Davidson
Eleanor Davis
Vanessa Davis
Felicia Day
Alex de Campi
Aimee de Jongh
Kelly Sue DeConnick
Vanessa R. Del Rey
Colleen Doran
Julie Doucet
Jamaica Dyer
Rene Engstrom
Leslie Ewing
Joyce Farmer
Christa Faust
Emil Ferris
Jess Fink
Mary Fleener
Shary Flenniken
Ellen Forney
Lora Fountain
Ramona Fradon
Aisha Franz
Renee French
Amy Kim Ganter
Shaenon Garrity
Julia Gfrorer
Sarah Glidden
Phoebe Gloeckner
Annie Goetzinger
Sophie Goldstein
Meredith Gran
Isabel Greenberg
Roberta Gregory
Barbara Hambly
Lisa Hanawalt
Jennifer Hayden
Faith Erin Hicks
Joan Hilty
Emily Horne
Kathryn Immonen
Rebekah Isaacs
Joelle Jones
Miriam Katin
Megan Kelso
Caitlin R Kiernan
Mia Kirshner
Aline Kominsky-Crumb
Meredith Kurtzman
Miss Lasko-Gross
Elaine Lee
Caryn Leschen
Kate Leth
Renee Lott
Lisa Lyons
Lee Marrs
Carla Speed McNeil
Dylan Meconis
Barbara Mendes
Melissa Mendes
Lena Merhej
Rutu Modan
Erika Moen
Patricia Moodian
Francoise Mouly
Hazel Newlevant
Anne Nocenti
Diane Noomin
Danica Novgorodoff
Diane Obomsawin
Andrea Offermann
Sarah Oleksyk
Sydney Padua
Nina Paley
Xenia Pamfil
Sarah Pichelli
Liz Plourde
Mimi Pond
Rhianna Pratchett
Hilary Price
Liz Prince
Lauren Purje
Jen Lee Quick
MK Reed
Amy Reeder
Sandrine Revel
Rachel Richey
Trina Robbins
Sharon Rudahl
Sara Ryan
Nicola Scott
Tara Seibel
Gail Simone
Dana Simpson
Taki Soma
Jen Sorensen
Nadja Spiegelman
Fiona Staples
Leslie Stein
Bianca Stone
Liz Suburbia
Jillian Tamaki
Mariko Tamaki
Sarah Stewart Taylor
Raina Telgemeier
Maggie Thrash
C Spike Trotman
Carol Tyler
Anya Ulinich
Sara Varon
Emma Vieceli
Jen Wang
Shannon Watters
Christina Weir
Maris Wicks
Rebecca Wilson
G Willow Wilson
Teri S. Wood
Evie Wyld
Gina Wynbrandt
Ru Xu
Chrissie Zullo

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