Articles Published the Week of March 19th

Remembering Bernie Wrightson

The great artist Bernie Wrightson died over the weekend. He's a man I met a few times and had the opportunity to interview once and CBR asked me to write a few words about him.

7 Books to Read to Celebrate the Will Eisner Centennial

March is the centennial of the late Will Eisner, who remains one of the great masters of comics, and I wrote a short piece about his work for CBR about what people should read and why, especially if they've never read Eisner. I also talk for a bit about how I love his book A Contract with God.

Jessi Zabarsky conjures magic with fantasy adventure Witchlight

Jessi Zabaraky's book Witchlight really charmed me. It manages to be very familiar in some ways - Jessi describes the book as "shojo-adventure" and Studio Ghibli fans will see aspects of the tone in the book - but it also is visually dynamic, it plays with a lot of ideas the genre tends to avoid. And in some ways the ending wasn't a surprise but in other ways, in other ways it was surprising and charming.

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