Articles Published the Week of March 12th

Film Review: A Critically Endangered Species

I had the chance to review two films appearing at SXSW. One was A Critically Endangered Species and I was not a fan of the film, but the reason I wanted to see the film was because of the lead actor Lena Olin, who is amazing, and this is one of her best performances. I think in the end the film has a lot of narrative problems, but whenever Olin is onscreen, you don't really care. It's a reminder of just how good she is and how rarely we see her on screen.

R Sikoryak Talks Bringing the iTunes Terms and Conditions to Comics

Sikoryak's book Terms and Conditions sounds insane. He adapted the iTunes Terms and Conditions into a graphic novel. He did so by using every single world and doing each page of the comic in a different style and uses actually comics pages that he transforms. It's beautiful and amazing to look at just how well Sikoryak can draw like Romita and Macfarlane and The Walking Dead and My Little Pony and dozens of others. We talked about the fun and insanity.

Film Review: Spettacolo

I was blown away by the film Spettacolo and the story it tells. For fifty years a small hill town in Tuscany has been putting on a play each summer, a play about themselves. It's a story about community, about art, about how the world is changing and how ordinary people are struggling to keep up with everything. It's the story of us. And maybe we don't all put on plays about how we're struggling with the state of the world, but maybe, just maybe, we should.

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