Articles Published the Week of February 26th

Ray Billingsley Reveals the Hard lessons that Will Eisner and the Comics Industry Taught Him

I've been reading Ray Billingsley's strip Curtis for years, and I had the chance to talk with the man about the long-running strip and his career which began when he was only 12. He opened up about his career, his friendship with the late Charles Schulz, his teacher the late Will Eisner, but also the problems he's faced within the industry and continues to face. I really appreciate that Ray was willing to open up. We need people who are willing to be blunt and honest.

I also mentioned one of my favorite recurring gags from Curtis from when I was a kid (way back when), the music store which sold rap, and which kept getting burned down by angry parents only to re-open under a different name. It's no longer there for obvious reasons, but I always loved that gag.

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