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A Conversation with Maureen N. McLane

Last year I had the chance to sit down with Maureen N. McLane, who is a great poet and scholar. I loved her book My Poets which was published years ago which was this very personal look at a number of poets she loves and have influenced her work and life. Her previous book of poetry, This Blue, was a finalist for the National Book Award, and her new book Mz N is her best and most ambitious work of verse to date. The book tracks the life of a character named Mz N and is strange and familiar, mocks and embraces poetic conventions, and is a very moving volume. I found myself choked up in some poems, as a character who is almost nothing like me was able to so perfectly sum up aspects of my life and experience. I even read passages to a friend over the phone.

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  1. A Conversation with Maureen N. McLane totally impressed my mind. Thanks for the contribution. I am fascinated by her ability to easily work with poetic conventions.