Articles Published the Week of January 22nd

Genre Vet Tony Todd Talks About His Career, Zoom, and Returning to the Theater

I've been a fan of actor Tony Todd since the 90s when I first started noticing his work. He played Worf's brother Kurn on Star Trek, starred in one of the best episodes of Deep Space Nine, has a long list of voiceover credits - including recently Zoom on The Flash. I also remember a series of TV westerns he co-starred in with Christopher Reeve, which I found out was a big project for Todd as well for a few different reasons.

Right now he's in Hartford, CT, where he grew up, in the play Sunset Baby written by Dominique Morisseau. It's a great play and Todd is great in it. I sat down with him one morning to talk about the play, theater training, and his long career. Todd is a great actor and a nice guy and when I asked him about what's next he mentioned that he's reading scripts for the next play or show, but for the moment he's focused on the play and wants to "be a Hartford citizen." And we're glad to have him.

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