Articles Published the Week of February 5th

Cartoonist Ru Xu on her dieselpunk adventure Newsprints

Newsprints is a great new dieselpunk (or steampunk, whichever works for you) set in an early 20th Century world featuring a young girl named Blue, who passes as a boy so that she can be a newsboy. Blue quickly get involved with an inventor, a strange young boy named Crow, and finds herself caught up in a much bigger plot. A great YA comic that deserves a big audience (you could do worse if this is your intro to the genre)

Seth Tobocman on Art, Activism and Advice in the age of Trump

I interviewed Seth Tobocman a few years ago about the anthology World War 3 Illustrated, the progressive series that he and Peter Kuper launched in 1979 and continues. Last year Tobocman's first graphic novel - War in the Neighborhood, about the squatters movement in NYC in the 1980's - was re-released, and his second graphic novel - the biography Len, about the lawyer Leonard Weinglass - was published. In the time between us first reaching out and finally being able to sit down and conduct the interview, the election happened. And so while we spoke at length about Tobocman's work and career, I also very bluntly asked for thoughts and advice for those of us (artists and not) who didn't live through the Reagan years, and advice he has for us as we move forward and how to resist.

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  1. I have just finished reading this interview. It was truly amazing! I don't have any words to express my thankfulness to you!