Articles Published the Week of February 19th

Meg-John Barker Discusses Bi-erasure and Gender Performativity in Queer: A Graphic History

Writer and activist Meg-John Barker spoke with me about her book, which I took as a chance to try and talk out what queer theory is and discuss bisexuality and bi-erasure at some length, which is a topic we're both interested in and concerned about. Also because I'm old (over 30) I ask a question about some of the lingo that "kids today" use. (Yes, I'm serious)

Jamie Delano Talks Politics, Anger and His World Without End

I never read World Without End when the miniseries was published by Vertigo a quarter century ago, so I was glad for the new hardcover collection from Dover Books with collects the project from writer Jamie Delano and artist John Higgins. I've long been a fan of Delano's work on Hellblazer and other projects and we spoke about WWE, politics, and writing while angry

"What I Detest Most of All is Boredom in Work": An Interview with Sandrine Revel

One of my favorite comics of 2016 was the biography of the pianist Glenn Gould by Sandrine Revel. I had a chance to speak with the French artist about the project, which isn't a typical biography but a beautiful and strange look at how Gould thought.


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