R.I.P. Carrie Fisher

Like everyone I knew Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia. I was always more Star Trek than Star Wars but I owned the trilogy on VHS and watched them....many times. Of course Carrie wasn't Leia, and so the first time I really got to know her was in the Book "The Portable Curmudgeon Redux" compiled and edited by Jon Winokur.

I received the book as a book prize in middle school from my history teacher. Admittedly I'm not entirely sure that this is what people had in mind when they established book prizes (I also received a prize for math and the teacher gave me a poetry book, so whether or not that was what was intended, the faculty had their own ideas and wanted to give a personal gift that would be appreciated). Leaving aside whether I am in fact a curmudgeon, the book had a number of quotations and anecdotes from and about various people. It is incredibly funny.

It also featured interviews with various people including Larry Gelbart (the first i encountered that genius' name), Dave Barry, PJ O'Rourke and Carrie Fisher.

She was brash and sarcastic and mean and funny and maybe not quite Dorothy Parker but damn good.

I've always remembered that - and I still have the book, which I've kept ever since middle school which was many...many...many years ago.

I can only hope that people go back and read her writing because she was so smart and funny. She was also troubled, but hey, she was born and grew up in the public eye and who wouldn't be screwed up. She managed to do something really amazing though. And for all the bravery that came with appearing in the new Star Wars movie, often without makeup, showing her age - that's nothing compared to what she did when she took pen to paper.

I hope her novels get some attention and I'd love to see a nice collection of interviews she did assembled - I'm sure they'd be hilarious, and nice collection of her screenplays and stageplays, and a nice collection of her nonfiction. There's plenty of articles and essays that I don' think have been collected and they would find an audience, I think. She definitely deserves it.

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