Articles Published the Week of December 25th

Emerging Talent and Publisher Kevin Czap

Kevin Czap is a great up-and-coming cartoonist and the publisher behind Czap Books. Both Kevin and the imprint are coming off a great 2016 and next year Kevin is publishing a great lineup of young cartoonists. We had the chance to talk recently about their own work, what attracts and interests them in publishing others, and a quick preview of what will come out in 2017.

The Delightful Weirdness of The Great Muppet Caper

Splitsider asked a number of its writers to write about what makes us happy, what keeps us sane, what gives us some comfort in a series they called "The Best Medicine."People selected all sorts of work - Curb Your Enthusiasm, Happy Endings, and one of my favorite movies ever, Time Bandits. I wrote about The Great Muppet Caper. Which has pretty much always been one of my favorites.

The Beat's Best Comics of 2016

I was asked to contribute to the Beat's list of best comics of the year. A lot of people were already writing about ones I loved - March Volume 3, which is my pick for the best of the year, Dan Clowes' Patience, and others. I highlighted a few books:

Black Dog by Dave McKean
U.S.S. Stevens: The Collected Stories by Sam Glanzman
Paracuellos: Volume 1 by Carlos Gimenez
The Ukrainian and Russian Notebooks by Igort
Paul Up North by Michel Rabagliati
One Hundred Nights of Hero by Isabel Greenberg

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