Articles Published the Week of October 30th

Paul Reiser Wants to Take You Back to the Glory Days of The Tonight Show

I'm a big fan of Reiser and was thrilled when his people reached out on his new press tour. We spoke about Red Oaks, the second season of which premieres this month on amazon, and There's Johnny, which premieres next year on Seeso.

Hieronymous and Bosch Cartoonist Paul Kirchner on Leaving Comics for Advertising and Coming Home Again

Paul Kirchner has had a fascinating career as an artist, from High Times to advertising, Heavy Metal to the Go-Bots, Murder by Remote Control to Adult Swim, he knows almost everyone has done almost everything. His book Murder by Remote Control is an amazing graphic novel, which I hope will receive some of the attention it never got in the 1980's, and his new comic will be appearing on the adultswim website this month.

Annie Goetzinger Reveals the Haunting Truths (and Fables) of Marie Antoinette

Goetzinger is one of those cartoonists who in France is a huge deal, with a long career as a writer and artist, though it's only recently that she's been getting published here in the US. I had the opportunity to speak with her about her book Marie Antoinette, Phantom Queen.

Dash Shaw Celebrates his Cosplayers

Dash is one of the best cartoonists of our generation. I interviewed a few years back for his book New School and we've run into each other ever since an I was thrilled that we had the chance to talk about his new book, about his next book, about his debut feature film.

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