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Ben Katchor Reflects on 25 Years of Cheap Novelties

Katchor is one of our great cartoonist. His work isn't quite like anyone else's.I've had the opportunity to talk with him a few times over the years to discuss his work and his career. This fall is the 25th anniversary of the publication of his first book Cheap Novelties. Drawn and Quarterly has published a hardcover  reprint of the book to mark the occasion.

I'm still tired and angry and raw from this election. I do believe that despite everything that separates us, one of the things we long for is a different kind of community than that which we have throughout much of this country. We want things built and designed and organized on a more human scale.We have this annoyance and disdain and exhaustion for the monoculture which is taking over everywhere. That idea is at the heart of Kacthor's work. More than 25 years ago he was writing about an earlier time when things were not better or easier, but they were different and more colorful and more unique and stranger. And, most of us believe, a little better. It's not nostalgic, but it does try to imagine an alternative to the way we live now. That's something I believe that we need more of. Now more than ever.

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