Articles Published the Week of November 13th

The Rumpus Mini-Interview with Jesse Ball

I'm a great admirer of Jesse Ball's novels and poetry and we spoke recently about his novel How To Set a Fire and Why, which is perhaps my favorite of all his novels to date and we spoke about how he works, the odd kind of fiction he writes and loves, and the minimalist approach which readers either love or loathe.

Edward Sorel on Mary Astor, Hollywood and Operatic Gestures

I've loved Edward Sorel's work for years. The man is a master cartoonist, illustrator and muralist. Like him I also love old Hollywood and so his new book, Mary Astor's Purple Diary, is right up my alley. It's a heavily illustrated book that is a great look at the actor Mary Astor, who started her career in the silent era and remains perhaps known for The Maltese Falcon. We spoke about her, old films, and Sorel's awe-inspiring career along with his next book project.

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