Articles Published the Week of September 25th

Teri S. Wood discusses the grim toll of war in Wandering Star

I never read Wandering Star when it came out in the 1990's, but I was blown away when I read the collection of the series. At the beginning it's the story of a young woman who's the first human attending the Galactic Academy, which sounds like a various of Star Trek, where humans are at the bottom of the galactic pecking order. Then the war begins, though, and Wood pulls no punches. It's dark and brutal, but also hopeful and a really amazing book.

Alexis Deacon talks Celtic myths and "inescapable fates" in Geis

I really loved Geis, the debut graphic novel from writer/artist Alexis Deacon, which is out now from Nobrow. The book has its origins in Celtic mythology and folktales, but Deacon really takes these stories and concepts his own and transforms them into a really fun, unique and thoughtful book.

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