Articles Published the Week of September 4th

Melissa Mendes on the family history at the heart Lou and The Weight

Melissa Mendes serialized Lou through Oily Comics and now Alternative Comics has published a collected edition of the book. We spoke about that and her ongoing webcomic The Weight, the influence of family stories on her work, how she uses silence to great effect

Alexis Fajardo on adapting myths for modernity in Kid Beowulf

By day Alexis Fajardo works at Charles M Schulz Associates overseeing Peanuts projects around ther world, and by night he writes and draws Kid Beowulf, a prequel to and rethinking of the great epic poem. We spoke about the influence of Asterix, what makes epic poetry different form superhero stories, and what he has planned for future volumes of the series.

The Rumpus Interview with Connie Wanek

Connie Wanek grew up attending school in a one room schoolhouse, studied visual art, didn't start publishing poetry until her late thirties, but her new book Rival Gardens, a new and selected volume of her work is a really striking book of poetry. There are those moments when you discover a new poet who isn't beginning, but has established a voice and a body of work. There were poems that reminded me of Jane Kenyon, and I hope that this book brings Wanek the wider readership that she deserves.

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