Articles Published the Week of August 28th

Ted McKeever walks away from comics, looks back at his career

When I first started reading comics seriously in the 1990's, there were a handful of creators whose work fascinated me. McKeever was one of those people and I've been a fan of his for over two decades. This year he announced that he was quitting comics and I took the chance to talk with him. He outlined the whys of his decision elsewhere so we went on a tour through his career and talked a few different projects and people, which was a joy to be honest.

Leslie Stein explains why she's punching her Time Clock

I loved Leslie Stein's first book Eye of the Majestic Creature when it came out a few years back and since we've talked pretty regularly as she comes out with a new book at least every other year. Her new book - her fourth - is Time Clock. In each book, Stein tries a new approach and this one is no different. It's dark and emotionally complex and beautiful to read.

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