The Future of The City of Hartford

You can see the future of The City of Hartford from this past weekend.

One is the opening of the Sea Tea Improv Theater.

Two is the opening of Hanging Hills Brewery.

Hartford has a lot of problems. Many of them are structural. Through it all, people keep starting new projects and businesses and launching careers and making new things because this is what happens. Hartford is not the apocalyptic wasteland overrun by poverty-stricken hordes that so many suburbanites in Connecticut claim. It is a vibrant place that has so much going for it and it has so much going for it because of the people.

The state likes to launch ambitious projects to help save the city - Constitution Plaza, Adriaen's Landing, the Yard Goats stadium - and in the end they amount to very little.

Ordinary people coming together and starting new businesses with their work and labor and ideas are what will make this city come alive, what will make this city prosper.

I believe in Hartford because I believe in the people of Hartford.

This is why.

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