Articles Published the Week of July 31st

March Co-writer hopes John Lewis' story instills a sense of power in young readers

One of the great privileges of my life has been to spend some time with Congressman Lewis, and to spend with and get to know Andrew Aydin. Aydin co-wrote March, the third volume of which is out now and it brings this trilogy to a conclusion. We spoke earlier in the summer when he was in Hartford at the Stowe Center, and in so many ways, it was the perfect setting for us to talk.

Leigh Stein: Land of Enchantment

I remember reading an essay of Leigh Stein's a couple years back in Buzzfeed and I liked it just as I liked her novel The Fallback Plan. I spoke with her about her new book, which is just out, Land of Enchantment. The memoir is about her first boyfriend, her first love, and their very complicated relationship, and dealing with the aftermath of his death and trying to understand it. I'm not the biggest memoir fan, but there's so much in this book that moved and we talked at length about the book, about depression, about trying to understand and make sense of our lives, and mourning.

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