Articles Published the Week of August 7th

A Conversation with Zack Davisson

Drawn and Quarterly has done all of comics a huge favor by bringing the work of Shigeru Mizuki to English language reader. I spoke with translator and scholar Zack Davisson about the new series of Kitaro that D&Q is publishing starting this year. Davisson spoke about the character, who described as a Japanese Hellboy, and why the character has been huge in Japan for decades.

The Best Mystery Comic You Haven't Read Yet, Last Fair Deal Gone Down

I'm a huge fan of mystery writer Ace Atkins. Right now the man is writing two series, the Quinn Colson novels which are set in Mississippi about an Army Ranger who returns home, and he's continuing the Spenser novels after the death of Robert B. Parker. They're very different books, written in a different style with different characters and settings. And if writing two novels a year wasn't enough, now he's working in comics. With artist Marco Finnegan, Atkins is adapting the Nick Travers stories to comics and the first book is out. I spoke with the two about the project.

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