Articles Published the Week of August 21st

Roger Langridge on the Homemade Aesthetic of Betty Boop

I'm a big fan of cartoonist Langridge. He always has a number of projects in the works. In coming months he has two collections of all-ages books, one he wrote (The Baker Street Peculiars) and one he wrote and drew (Abigail and the Snowman), another book that he wrote and drew (The Iron Duchess) featuring Fred the Clown, and if that weren't enough he's writing a Betty Boop miniseries coming out this fall. We spoke about his approach, the character and its aesthetic, and how people today respond to older characters and concepts.

How Mad About You Perfected the Network Multi-Camera Sitcom

It's interesting to watch a television show again years after it aired. Mad About You started airing in 1992! And I remember watching it when I was young. I liked Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt, the show has a GREAT supporting cast and an amazing lineup of guest stars. Re-watching it today though I was stunned to see just how smart and how inventive the show was. My final line probably sums up the article best:

"The people behind Mad About You accepted the guidelines for what a network sitcom was, and then it managed to tweak, play with, and subvert every single rule except one — to be funny."

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